The Concept

This is the health care debate website, and we really mean it.

The purpose of this site is not to advocate for any particular form of health care policy. The purpose of this site is to create a forum where people of differing opinions can present their views and debate them with others, with the hope that this will bring us closer to finding a solution that most Americans can support, and our government can act upon.

The idea of the debate forum arose from the frustrating fact that in political debates, 2+2=4 is often just as valued an opinion as 2+2=5. We believe that every political statement can be taken apart and confronted with verifiable facts. The truth is not necessarily the voice of the majority. This forum is based on the concept that even if the majority in any community supports some nonsense, nonsense is still only nonsense.

People use the internet mostly to express their views, and barely at all for meaningful exchange of opinions.  We live in an era of mass communication capabilities unknown to humans at any time before.  Yet surprisingly, most of the problems humanity experiences today result from miscommunication.  This forum is intended to facilitate communication between people of opposing political views.

Debate can only take place when people of opposing views meet and present their arguments. Anyone having strong views on the health care issue is invited, as well as anyone curious about the subject, or wanting to learn more about it.

Debate can only take place when people understand that no one is always right, when people are willing to listen to arguments of others, and when they are willing to make time and effort to explain their positions to their opponents.

This is easier said than done; particularly on the health care issue, where misunderstandings and emotions have accumulated, as for decades we did not have a candid conversation on this subject.

Debate can be fun, and we hope that you will find the format of this website exciting and enjoyable.  The core concept of this debate forum is in vivisecting every argument to its basic elements and identifying the facts behind it.

This forum is user-driven; anyone can challenge any idea as many times as he or she can manage.  One can easily look into the history of resolved challenges. We hope that some debate participants will change their views in the course of the debate. However, we realize that some never will.

The very format of this website is an experiment in new ways of conducting public debates by using the technological advantages of the internet. As the debate unfolds, we will make adjustments, and we welcome your comments and suggestions.

To get started, please familiarize yourself with the rules of the debate.

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